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Digiweb Hosting FAQ

The questions most often asked when ordering a shared hosting service are outlined below for your assistance. If you have any other queries please don.t hesitate to contact us on freefone 1800 28 58 28 or hosting@digiweb.ie

  1. Who are Digiweb ?
  2. What is a Domain?
  3. Why should I change my web site hosting to Digiweb?
  4. Are there any hidden extras?
  5. Can I have a discount?
  6. I.m unhappy with another provider but have already paid up!
  7. How do I transfer my hosting to Digiweb?
  8. Do you provide Graphical Statistics?
  9. Do you provide web site design services ?
  10. What are the criteria to register an IE domain ?
  11. What payment options do you offer ?

1. Who are Digiweb?
Digiweb is one of the longest established independent hosting companies in Ireland. For many years we have been delivering leading internet solutions to Irish businesses, individuals, and organisations. Our infrastructure is located in a state of the art Internet Data Centre facility in Dublin, and we support thousands of customers throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

2. What is Hosting?
For a web site to be available on the Internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it needs to be hosted on a web server which is available and online at all times. Digiweb have invested significantly in establishing a state of the art hosting infrastructure, and provide web space and services from this platform to our customers for a monthly or annual fee. A variety of hosting service plans are offered to cater for the varying needs and sizes of different websites and internet applications.

3. What is a Domain?
A domain is your identity on the web - it.s the address used for your website and your email e.g. www.digiweb.ie and info@digiweb.ie If you are in business, you ideally need your own domain name - this gives you independence from any specifc Internet Service Provider as you can move your domain to different providers, and can own the domain forever - providing you keep the annual renewals up to date. When selecting a domain, make sure it is:

  1. Easy to remember
  2. Easy to spell without confusion
  3. Relates closely to your business name or activity
  4. Not unneccessarily long.

To search for available domain names, click here to use Digiweb.s domain lookup.

4. Why should I host or change my web site hosting to Digiweb?
Our fast, reliable and professional services are complemented by our customer focused team, trained to deal with every possible Internet query. So whether you are an expert or just starting out, Digiweb is on hand to provide you with advice and support.

You may also be an existing Digiweb Broadband customer, in which case, we can roll your hosting and domain charges into your existing bill, giving you one simple contact for all technical and billing enquiries.

Unlike some other providers, Digiweb focuses solely on delivering related internet services to businesses and individuals and thus we can deliver superior support and cost-effectiveness to our customers.

5. Are there any hidden costs?
None. When ordering you will be fully aware at all times of the prices for the services you are purchasing. You can view the full price list for our different services here.

All services are automatically renewed at the end of a given period - if you wish to close a service you simply need to provide us written notice of same. Should there by any change to Digiweb pricing, you will receive advance email notification of same.

6. Can I have a discount?
We provide free hosting and domain names to any registered charity in Ireland.

7. I.m unhappy with another provider but have already paid up!
If you are moving to Digiweb from another hosting provider we offer the following additional support to make the process easier:

  1. A credit against your new account of up to 6 months hosting free (not in conjunction with any other offer!).
  2. Assistance in moving your website.
  3. Assistance in updating your domain records

Just let us know if you'd like to move and we'll do our best to help!

8. How do I transfer my hosting to Digiweb?
The steps involved in transferring your hosting to Digiweb are as follows:

  1. Visit the Digiweb Hosting site and order your desired new hosting service.
  2. Once the account is set up, upload and test a copy of your website to the new account.
  3. Either transfer your domain to Digiweb, or Digiweb will assist with the transfer of your domain to the new site.
  4. The transfer is complete.

9. Do you provide Graphical Statistics?
User friendly statistic reports detailing the usage of your web site are provided as standard with all full hosting services. The reports provide you with information such as how many people accessed your site, where they came from, where they went, details about their workstation (browser, operating system, resolution). These live reports can be accessed at any time from your browser.

We also strongly recommend the use of Google Analytics - its free.

10. Do you provide web site design services?
Digiweb don't offer web site design, however a number of Value Added Resellers throughout the country can offer you a complete package including site design, internet strategy development, and of course hosting solutions from Digiweb. If you email us an outline of the type of site you require, we'd be delighted to introduce you to a suitable Web Design firm in your area.

11. What are the criteria to register an IE domain?
There are a number of rules surrounding the registration of .IE domains - this has been a good thing as it means the domain relevant to your business is probably still available, however sometimes people find them a little confusing.

As a Promotional Affilitate of the IE Domain Registry, Digiweb can assist you with any IE domain queries. In general, if you have a Limited Company or a Registered Business Name, the registration process is very straightforward where the requested domain is similar to the business name. If so, just simply quote your CRO or RBN number while you register.

If that doesn't fit - don't worry - you can view the other requirements here.

Please be careful when you do order a .ie domain name - if you don't provide the correct information and documentation, or none, your registration could be delayed or even fail!

12. What payment options do you offer?

We accept Visa and Mastercard for monthly or annual charges. If you are an existing Digiweb broadband customer, we can add the hosting and domain charges to your existing monthly Direct Debit.

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