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Virtual Server Features:
Hardware level virtualisation
Free phone & email support
Full remote access and control
Snapshot and restore your VE
64 and 32 bit OS support
Enterprise level hardware
Entry (VE)
10 GB Disk Space
128 MB Dedicated RAM
50 GB Bandwidth
Snapshots/Backups Included
Scale up within seconds
Ideal For? Website Testing/Sandbox platform
Test Webserver
Small Gaming Server
Basic Website
Backups (samba server)
VPS Proof of Concept

Starter (VE)
40 GB Disk Space
512 MB Dedicated RAM
250 GB Bandwidth
Snapshots/Backups Included
Business (VE)
50 GB Disk Space
1024 MB Dedicated RAM
350 GB Bandwidth
Snapshots/Backups Included
Enterprise (VE)
60 GB Disk Space
2048 MB Dedicated RAM
500 GB Bandwidth
Snapshots/Backups Included
64bit Linux Only
Choosing Windows Virtualisation?
With Hyper-V we can bring you virtualised Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 OSs.
Choosing Linux Virtualisation?
With Xen we bring you the stability of hardware virtualisation and all the popular distros!
€9.99 Per Month
Get them while they're hot!
€34.99 Per Month
€59.99 Per Month
€99.99 Per Month
Web Developer/Reseller
If you develop websites or resell hosting services, you can use a virtual server to host websites and domains on behalf of your customer base.
Instant Install!
Our virtual servers, once delivered, are yours to do with as you wish. Install any software environment you like on it, though Terms and Conditions apply!
Scale up to another plan in minutes
With our VPS solution you can scale up through our VPS plans within minutes. Starting a small website? Choose our Entry VE and then move on to the other VE options when your website gets busier.
Hardware level virtualisation
Feel more secure and more stable with hardware level virtualisation from Microsoft Hyper-V and open source platform Xen. This isn't just a slice this is a virtual machine!
Manage your IT needs
Need more servers for in-house IT? Backup servers, development and test environments, test server or even intranet or database services are perfect candidates for Virtualisation, saving you on power.
World class infrastructure
Digiweb virtual servers are based on blistering fast hardware running from our blanchardstown data centre on Irish IP space. That means you get a top class level of service delivered locally.
Greener IT
Cutting power consumption and lowering the carbon footprint of new  installations, makes the Digiweb data centre and your IT a much greener place.
Support is delivered via phone and email by knowledgeable support agents. Additionally, we monitor and manage the virtual services around the clock from our 24/7 NOC.
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